Fasi Citizen Center

A Citizen Resource Center

The Frank F. Fasi Citizen Resource Center (Fasi Citizen Center), housed on the mezzanine level of Makiki Community Library, was established by the Friends of the Makiki Community Library and formally opened on March 25, 2009. The purpose of the Fasi Citizen Center is to promote civic engagement and understanding of democracy, to connect citizens with their community and their government, and to empower citizens with access to community and government resources, services, and programs. This is accomplished through a Citizen Resource Collection and also through a series of seminars and workshops.

The Citizen Resource Collection includes books, pamphlets, and resource guides that empower citizens to learn more about community and government resources, services, and programs. This collection also includes written materials on American and Hawaiian government and civic affairs, including a selection of government documents.
Frank F. Fasi Citizen Resource Center

The Citizen Resource Collection will also include a set of bookmarked Internet resources on public computers within the library providing access to Hawaii government and community online resources such as the Websites for the Governor’s Office, the Legislature, the City & County of Honolulu, the Neighborhood Board Commission, and the MakikiCommunity.org Website.

The Fasi Citizen Center offers periodic workshops or seminars that connect citizens with government agencies, services, and/or programs that encourage greater self-reliance and/or positive interaction with government. For example, community meetings might be offered that inform citizens about legislative or council matters through conversations with elected state and county officials, or seminars might be held on topics such the Legislative process, preparing testimony for public hearings, or disaster preparation for condominium living.