Makiki Community Library

A Library for the People, by the People

Makiki Community Library (MCL) is a volunteer-run library advocating literacy, learning, and civic engagement, in a safe environment for the community. MCL is housed on the first floor and the mezzanine level of the Makiki Library building in Makiki District Park (1527 Ke’eaumoku Street, just mauka of Lunalilo Freeway). MCL encompasses the Makiki Library and the Frank F. Fasi Citizen Resource Center, as well as various programs offered to benefit the Makiki community.

Though the Library is a City and County parks building, it is not a city run operation; it is managed by the Friends of Makiki Community Library (formerly the Friends of Makiki Library). The FMCL with the assistance of the City & County Parks Department are constantly working to keep the Library operational.

After many years in renovation the library reopened its doors in November ’08 hiring two part-time staff members to oversee general operations.

Donations are Needed

Makiki Community Library is an independent library separate from the Hawaii State Library system (and their funding), because of that we are in constant need of operating capital to keep the programs running and doors open. The FMCL works tirelessly to generate revenue opportunities to maintain general operations, without it, the library would cease to exist. With your help, we can continue to provide access to books and programs that every community needs.

Donate to the Makiki Community Library and help support literacy in Hawaii.

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